Michael Ruhlman Says Contrary to All Evidence Suggesting Otherwise, Sandra Lee Isn’t Evil


Although Michael Rhulman bestie Anthony Bourdain hasn’t been shy about referring to Sandra Lee as the “frightening hell spawn of Kathy Lee Gifford and Betty Crocker,” Ruhlmann himself thinks she isn’t all that bad. Or, more specifically, he writes on the Huffington Post, she isn’t “evil incarnate.”

Because while every thing she says and cooks may suggest otherwise, Ruhlman says, basically, that Lee isn’t so bad because she’s showing America that everyone can learn to cook, even if they just start with dumping the contents of a can into a bowl, garnishing it with Cheez Whiz and vodka, and calling it breakfast. In other words, you have to start somewhere. As Ruhlman admits to a chorus of scandalized titters, even he used to make fettuccine Alfredo sauce using, holy mother of god, Knorr powder.

“To anyone who cares about food, yes, [Lee] is truly spooky,” Ruhlman allows.”…But can I fault her? Not I, who used to make the world’s easiest pasta sauce by cutting open a packet of powder. Nay, brethren, I say watch Sandra Lee if you like her, make her recipes, and make them again, because eventually, you are going to want more, and you are going to want better. I don’t care where you start, only that you start.”