New Delhi’s Varq Coming to New York?


Last week, we got Tabla chef Floyd Cardoz’s thoughts on why there aren’t more fine dining Indian restaurants in the United States. This week, Food and Wine‘s Mouthing Off blog brings word of just such an establishment.

Varq is a well regarded Indian restaurant in New Delhi’s Taj hotel. Jen Murphy writes that the Taj Hotels’ corporate chef, Hemant Oberoi, told her that he’s bringing a stand-alone version of Varq to New York. The restaurant is named after the precious gold leaf that’s sometimes used to garnish Indian dishes, particularly sweets. It offers high-end takes on various regional dishes like atta raan, a spiced roast leg of lamb cooked in a cast of saffron-tinted dough; prawn and asparagus curry from Calicut; and gussied up jalebis, the sugary spiral doughnuts often served on the street.

Taj Hotel’s reps have not yet responded to a request for details, but we’ll keep you posted.