7-Eleven to Roll Out Private-Label Beer; High-Alcohol Wines Appeal (to Some)


A bizarre study has revealed that college students who are addicted to tanning salons tend to drink more alcohol and smoke more pot than their paler peers.

7-Eleven is launching its own private-label beer called Game Day, produced by City Brewing of Wisconsin, that will target more discriminating budget-conscious drinkers.
[Investor Place]

An interview with Jim Koch, chairman of Boston Beer Co., which makes Samuel Adams, talks about the growing craft beer movement.
[Wall Street Journal]

Fourteen is the cutoff point between regular and fortified wine and, while many people shy away from high-alcohol wines, certain oenophiles seek them out.
[Wall Street Journal]

Studies have found that alcohol can cause or worsen asthma and allergies because beer, wine, and liquor contain histamine, which is the chemical that sets off allergy symptoms.
[NY Times]

As the city readies for the Sex and the City sequel, a string of ridiculous cocktail promotions are being launched. Samantha’s Oral Pleasure on the rocks, anyone?

A roundup of beer cocktails in the latest issue of Esquire features recipes for the Porteree, the Black Velvet, and the Shandy Gaff.