Guy Who Drunkenly Lost Apple’s 4G iPhone: Now Immortalized With Facebook Page Dedicated to “Drunk Gray Powell”


File under “From the Department of Mwa-wahhh.” Get drunk, and it will inevitably end up on the Internet, somewhere. If you’re lucky, it’ll be lost under a larger tide of unnecessary information. But if your drunken birthday party led to one of the biggest tech leaks in the history of proprietary tech development…

…it’s time for your to take a vacation and avoid the internet. Or, if you’re a glutton for punishment, time to gird your loins and take your licks. Which is what iPhone developer and inadvertent leaker Gray Powell is about to endure, the first of which has already showed up in the sadist-run medium Facebook.

Yes, the Drunk Gray Powell fanpage has already arrived. His affiliations are with Gizmodo (who revealed the new iPhone by paying for it) and Apple, and he apparently “just wanted to be part of the keynote.” If Gray can’t laugh, it’s kinda mean. If he can, it’s quite funny. And either way, there’s no doubt much, much more where this came from.