It’s been about six years since Internet spectacle, walking blind item, and generally annoying famous person Courtney Love reminded us that she sometimes makes music. As always, she’s a cyclone of TMZ fodder (as of press time, she’s pals with Jessica Simpson! And denying she wants R Patz to play lil Kurt in the Nirvana biopic! OMG!). But, thankfully, by once again donning the Hole moniker, she’s attempting to go back to that happy place that made us love her in the first place, even if it was between Toadies and Candlebox songs on late-night drives. The new version of Hole is rebuilt from the ground up—i.e., no Melissa, no Eric, no whoever was playing drums—and it was formed mainly to help push what was originally intended as Love’s latest solo record, the achingly mid-’90s, kinda-confessional, Linda Perry–soaked Nobody’s Daughter. But the new band totally rips by all accounts. Love has never been a slouch with a guitar, she’s still a crowd-surfing dervish as of last month’s SXSW, and she’s still the reigning queen of deliciously filthy stage banter. Plus, hey, “Miss World.” With Little Fish and the Love Loves.

Tue., April 27, 9 p.m.; Wed., April 28, 9 p.m., 2010