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La Cage aux Folles Mania Strikes


The La Cage aux Folles experience starts the second you enter the theater for the Broadway revival.

As you do so, a hired drag queen or two accosts you for some light bantering, to get you in the mood. (Tourists love this kind of interactive shtick to tell the folks back home about.)

Seeing as I engage in light bantering with drag queens every night of my life, I figured “Why not this one?”

And so, I didn’t flinch as a tucked lovely said “Hello, Monsieur Musto!”

“Gays go in on the left,” she advised, “straights on the right, and bisexuals in the middle.”

Ba dum pum.

I’m not bisexual,” she continued, “but if you buy me something, I’ll be sexual.”

I made a blank face.

“Went over your head?” she deadpanned.

“Au contraire,” I said. “It’s just that I’ve heard that one so many times.”

“I got it from Charles Pierce,” she admitted, referencing the legendary drag impersonator of the last century.

And suddenly I adored the gal.