Morning Links: Goldman Makes Obscene Amount of Money, There’s Laundry Under the Queensboro, Fake Boobs Are Out…


Here’s what you need to know today:

• The numbers are out, and Goldman made a serious amount of change last year — $3.46 billion in the first quarter. Meanwhile, the SEC civil suit against the firm, which accuses Goldman of peddling a mortgage investment intended to fail and never alerting investors to the potential dangers, knocked stocks down more than 10 percent of Friday. Still, legal experts say that the case against Goldman may be hard to prove in court.

Someone hung their laundry — four pairs of briefs, five tank tops, three pairs of pants and three shirts — out to dry under the Queensboro Bridge on Sunday. Residents suspect an “artist-prankster.”

• Midnight is D-Day for striking doorman.

Limited European flights have resumed after five days of grounding due to drifting volcanic ash. Eurocontrol says 55 to 60 percent of flights will go ahead today. But it may not be over yet — “an international pilots group warned that ash remains a danger and meteorologists say Iceland’s still-erupting volcano isn’t ready to rest yet, promising more choked airspace and flight delays to come.”

Cherry blossoms are everywhere at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. (Also, allergies are everywhere, period.)

Fake boobs are so 2000s: “A casting notice seeking extras for the fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean specified that actresses “must have real breasts,” reports the New York Post.