All-points bulletin: It seems that up at Barnard College, in the deep epicenter of Columbia University’s voracious gobbling of the entire UWS, lies an awesome, criminally underestimated student radio station. Sure, Columbia’s WKCR 89.9FM gets most of the lo-watt clout, especially for their influence on local hip-hop, but WBAR 87.9 is programmed with true ingenuity by mostly female music directors to include such special-format shows as “Mojitos With Marinetti” (international punk), “Cloudbusting” (jazz), and “Moisten Your Hull” (. . . uh?). Anyone else want to enroll at Barnard, just for a time slot on WBAR? Pay these tastemakers tribute at the 17th Annual WBAR-B-Q, a free festival with performances by Cold Cave, Blues Control, Liturgy, and more. Also, food. Mad respect, ladies.

Sun., April 25, noon, 2010