Tonight! Roman Candle, Total Slacker, And Sean Hayes


Seems like you strike out thrice today with sold-out shows (the Thermals, the Whitest Boy Alive, and the Specials), but considering the good vibes of 4/20, it shouldn’t matter. First, take a deep breath, because finally, here’s an appropriate, sensical band name: Roman Candle (whose sound is akin to the sparkling, nostalgia-inspiring fireworks they’re named after) bring alt-country rock bedazzled with organs and pianos to Union Hall. Or, check out Total Slacker, those self-proclaimed “lazy psychers” with a fetish for bowl cuts, as they drone on with molasses vocals and stretched-out guitars that feel like taffy being pulled apart — they’re at Union Pool. And over at Le Poisson Rouge, singer-songwriter Sean Hayes (not to be confused with the recently outed actor) muses on honeybees, gardens, and other lovelinesses with his soulful, warbling voice.