Who Knew? Pedro Espada a Sushi Fiend, Cuomo Lawsuit Says


We’ll sort out the politics and the numbers later, but for starters, the best sound-bite in this afternoon’s tele-presser by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo about his new civil lawsuit against that rascally state senator from the Bronx, Pedro Espada, was the back and forth between Cuomo and an old friend, WCBS-TV’s Marcia Kramer.

Kramer contributed some great video to the many Espada probes last year when she showed up early one morning at the state senator’s leafy Westchester residence in Mamaroneck — where, as a Bronx elected official, he’s not supposed to be living. Espada heroically used a grandchild to shield himself from the camera as Kramer fired questions. Cuomo’s new civil case against the senator contains a nice little nugget that Espada managed to run up $20,000 in expenses for his Soundview Health Clinic (located several miles and socioeconomic light-years away) at a Mamaroneck sushi joint. The food, the AG noted, was usually delivered to the home where the senator is not supposed to be living.

Marcia Kramer: “What conclusions do you draw from the fact that he had these meals delivered to his house in Mamaroneck?”

Andrew Cuomo: “That he likes sushi?”

MK: “As to his residence…”

AC: “Well, you are talking about the residency. I think it would be a fairly safe assumption, if there are any safe assumptions left in this world, that if he was ordering meals in Mamaroneck that were being delivered to the home in Mamaroneck, then he was at home, in Mamaroneck.”

Espada, who saw this coming back last summer when he made himself state Democratic Enemy No. 1 by bolting across the aisle to sit with senate Republicans for several chaotic days, has previously accused Cuomo of conducting a “witch hunt” and using him as a “political pinata.”