City and NY Restaurant Association Launch Delivery Workers Protection Program


Assami Semde may have foiled the would-be thieves who tried to steal his pizza earlier this month, but not all restaurant delivery workers are so lucky. And so in response to a recent rise in violent incidents, City Councilwoman Letitia James and Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes have partnered with the New York Restaurant Association to launch a pilot program designed to protect the city’s deliverymen and women.

Crain’s reports that the Safe Delivery Program, which was launched earlier this afternoon, was inspired by an increase in attacks on workers in Councilwoman James’ district, which covers Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, and some of Crown and Prospect Heights.

Under the auspices of Safe Delivery, the NYRA will give delivery workers cell phone equipped with GPS systems and programmed to call 911 in case of an emergency. Workers will also be outfitted with a wrist alarm that will emit a 130-decibel noise, and a patch that identifies the worker as part of the Safe Delivery program.

Somewhere down the line, expect these devices to be joined by garrote wristwatches, flame-thrower spray cans, and Aston Martins with rearward spraying water jets. Thugs, consider yourselves served.