David Archuleta Was at a Gay Club, But He’s Not Gay!


Last Saturday night, American Idol personality David Archuleta was spotted at the gay Club 57, but once he realized what kind of place he was at, he quickly tweeted to the world that he’s not gay, but he does know gay people and they’re actualy OK as humans!

Thanks, queenie…I mean David.

That ought to stop your father from berating you for five minutes.

The story was on Huffington Post the other day, but there’s more to it.

I hear David–who was there to see his friend Charice perform–couldn’t get in at first because he’s only 19, but a promoter snuck him in, suggesting he maybe sit in the office.

David made his way to the VIP area, where he stood behind a curtain most of the time, looking even more mortified than when he lost on Idol.

Relax, kid. This will be great fodder for your Advocate cover in three years.