Earth Day Cheat Sheet: Buy Less Crap, and 6 Other Sustainability Tips


It’s Earth Day tomorrow, which has all of us wondering: How do we treat the world we live in a little bit better?

According to the second annual Earth Day survey from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry , there are a few simple steps that anybody (and we mean anybody) can take. And should, before we all end up buried up to our necks in human detritus.

1. Stop eating so much, fatty. Also, chow down on less red meat, and instead of spending money on imported grapefruit and Indonesian shrimp, hit up a local farmers market or something.

More than 25 percent of the respondents said curbing consumption is the first step toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

2. Use that noggin of yours every once in a while.

“Think before you act. Think about everything you do and ask if it might make the world a better place,” said research biologist Dr. H. Brian Underwood. “Use the most important tool of sustainability nature has ever crafted: your brain.”

3. Stop buying so much crap! Window shop instead. Cause that’s fun.

“Curb your consumerism. In plain English, just don’t buy ‘stuff’ when you shop. Just look,” suggested Dr. Chad Dawson, who teaches wilderness and forest recreation management.

4. Get off your ass.

“Use exercise to do productive things,” said John Auwaerter, a staff member in the Department of Landscape Architecture.

5. Oh, and can it with the kids. (Duggars, Jon and Kate, TLC programming in general? We’re looking at you.)

Overpopulation is the world’s biggest environmental challenge, according to the 2009 ESF survey.

We at Runnin’ Scared would like to add:

6. If you’re the Navy, shoot a jet up over the Chesapeake Bay in an attempt to break the “petroleum barrier.”

7. Talk less about being environmental and just do it. Thanks. Also, it would be nice if New York had a better recycling program. All of those pizza boxes we have lying around are just going to waste.