Fake Heirlooms Rile Tomato Purists; Burger King Does… Brunch?


In Durham, N.C., the rich outlying soils that once grew tobacco now sprout peas, strawberries, fennel, artichokes, and lettuce. Chefs are also using local milk, cheese, eggs, pigs, chickens, quail, lambs, and rabbits.
[NY Times]

Tomato purists cry heresy as plant breeders offer hybrid versions of heirlooms that they claim have the distinct flavors and funky looks of heirlooms but are more disease-resistant.
[Wall Street Journal]

Burger King is testing a new brunch menu in select markets that includes several new items, like a Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich and a non-alcoholic mimosa.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Private chefs dish on their famous clients’ eating habits, like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s penchant for boring food and John Travolta’s habit of sending food back.
[NY Post]

Jidori chicken, a type of free-range bird common in Japan, is now being raised on a handful of farms in California, fed all-vegetarian diets, without antibiotics.
[NY Times]

A new study reveals, unsurprisingly, that the less sugar you add to food, the better your blood-fat profiles and the lower your cardiovascular risks will be.

Does Jamie Oliver think his Food Revolution can bring about real change? “Reality TV… it’s like junk food, really. It’s a quick fix… But the TV route is so important in this country.”
[Washington Post]

A new study suggests that women who eat a fatty diet during pregnancy may increase the risk for breast cancer in not only their daughters, but even in their granddaughters.