Mayahuel’s West of East India Cocktail


The drink: West of East India Cocktail

The bar: Mayahuel, 304 East 6th Street

The price: $13

The ingredients: Reposado tequila, Demerara rum, East India Sherry, Falernum, Amaro Nonino, and Xocolatl mole bitters.

The buzz: Mayahuel is known for its agave-based spirits, but its excellent sherry cocktails are so exalted that they recently got their own section on the menu. One of the best complements to savory, fiery tequila and smoky mezcal is silky sweet or dry sherry. The oak-kissed reposado tequila in the West of East India is bolstered by nutty oloroso sherry, while the rum and Falernum add a touch of spice. It would be a shade too Christmas-y were it not for the bitter edge provided by the amaro and bitters. Instead of fruitcake, what you get is bittersweet biscotti. Less dessert than twilight indulgence.

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