Mikey’s Burger on the LES


After an interesting, and mainly positive, experience at Michael “Bao” Huynh’s newest restaurant, d.o.b. 111 (115 St Marks Place), we decided to head to the Lower East Side and try his take on a burger diner, Mikey’s Burger.

The burgers turn out to be nothing much to write home about, although they are fairly priced for the area at $5.50-$6.

The lamb burger is described, enticingly, as “satay style,” but we could detect nothing satay about it, although it is a very flavorful, juicy puck of lamb. The griddled patty has a nice sear on it, and the onions, pickled jalapenos, and mint are tasty.

But the Mikey’s burger was only adequate–since you’re not asked how you’d like the beef cooked, it comes at a medium-well default, dryer than the ideal. The corned beef doesn’t do much for the overall flavor except to add saltiness, although the sharp Chinese mustard and onions go well together.

But we did turn up a reason to go back to Mikey’s–the sesame milkshake. A sweet, nutty confection of vanilla ice cream, condensed milk, and (probably) unsalted tahini, it’s completely delicious. The shake is topped with crushed pistachios and the thin vermicelli used in falooda, giving it a South Asian twist.

134 Ludlow Street