“Mister Softee” Brings Soft-Serve, Rock-Hard Abs to Midtown


Ah, Spring, when tulips bloom, Canal Street begins to fester, and midtown office workers start to crave a little skin with their street food. Last year, the ladies of Queen Frostine fulfilled the fantasies of a certain portion of the population, and this year, a Mister Softee driver named Billy Gunnz has thoughtfully arrived on the scene. Midtown Lunch has a story about Mr. Gunnz, who displays his ample biceps, manly chest, and Bluetooth for the camera. If you go to his Twitter site, he describes himself as a “young clean and hospitable nyc guy.” Somewhat hilariously, numerous male MT commenters have taken umbrage to the story; needless to say, such outrage was notably absent from last year’s coverage of shapely women working in ice cream trucks.