Morning Links: Apple Making Serious Bank, Doorman Strike Averted, Shepard Fairey Begins


Here’s what’s on our minds (and in the news) this morning:

Apple posts its best non-holiday quarter in history. The company said net income in the quarter that ended March 31 rose 90 percent, to $3.07 billion. (Which is not quite what Goldman Sachs made, but getting on up there.)

Air travel in Europe is back! (Sort of.)

• The doorman strike was averted at the very last minute. Whew. Now we have only to wonder why people with doormen are so dang sensitive about having doormen.

• Shepard Fairey has begun that mural that everybody’s been talking about, and EV Grieve has photos. We’re happy to see that Andre the Giant is making an appearance.

A missing Florida boy was found — at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in midtown. He was dropped off by a mystery couple.

Metro-North bar cars may be cut on account of “the recession.” Nooooo.