Nick Drake Documentary Available In Full Online, If You’re Feeling A Bit Too Cheerful


Having a good day? Enjoying the sunny weather outside? Want to put an end to all of this nonsense? Then check out the A Skin Too Few, the out-of-print documentary of feted, gone-too-soon British folk depressive Nick Drake, which has been made available on this here blog. The film traces Drake’s tragically brief life through the memories of those who knew him best, from his early childhood in Burma, his time at Cambridge, and his brief, depression-ridden recording career. Along the way, there are nice bits like Nick’s sister playing an ancient tape of a song their mother wrote and performed (it sounds like the template for Drake’s own music), or arranger Robert Kirby and engineer John Wood expounding on how they toiled to make “Chime of a City Clock” (one of my personal favorite Drake tunes) sound as lonely and bleak as humanly possible. When Joe Boyd utters the words “So, we sent him out on a tour,” you can read the astonishment on his face, that something as crazy as Nick Drake playing college bars was ever even imaginable. When Drake’s mother recalls him telling her, “I have failed at everything I’ve tried to do,” and the visual is a dark window with rain dripping slowly from a leaf, you’ll realize you don’t need to close your blinds to shut out the sun.