Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, and Borat Sign On for Men in Black 3-D


The good news: After months of uncertainty from the Tommy Lee Jones half of Men in Black‘s brilliantly deadpan duo, Agent Kay is officially signed on for the third installment of what we’re hoping will be the final film in the MIB trilogy. Will Smith has reportedly been on board for quite some time.

The not-so-good news: Because we like to ruin everything of good quality and sentimental specialness in the world for the low, low price of a $14 movie ticket, here’s looking at Men in Black 3-D.

Sony’s potential blockbuster, which comes out at the most blockbustery time of year — Memorial Day weekend (2011) — will be directed by MIB and MIIB‘s Barry Sonnenfeld, so it will likely be a rehash of the second film, which was a rehash of the first film. Just take a look at their respective taglines: “Protecting the earth from the scum of the universe” and “Same Planet. New Scum.” Next: “Still on earth. My word, there are a good deal of aliens to contend with here.”

Few other details about the film have been released, other than that Sacha Baron Cohen may be involved. We’re picturing Borat as lead alien. Still, Jones and Smith together give us the warm fuzzies, and the Men in Black franchise reminds us of the good old days of quality cinema… back in 1997.