Tonight! The Thermals, Jakob Dylan & Three Legs (Featuring Neko Case), And Hosannas


The Thermals’ popularity is understandable: Despite their Portland origins, they transcended cultural boundaries and wrote Canada’s quintessential punk-rock anthem, “Canada.” Plus they’re semi-responsible for getting Mary Louise Parker to strip on Weeds. It comes as no surprise, then, that they’ve added a second show for tonight at the Brooklyn Bowl. In other news, Jakob Dylan is folking out with his backing band, Three Legs, at Town Hall: One of those legs happens to be Neko Case, who is providing backup vocals throughout the show. Bringing the night full circle is giddy Portland pop group Hosannas (formerly Church) at the Cake Shop — attend and be treated to whirling carnival synths caught in galloping drums while the band tepidly sings about “Happiness.”