Upset about Cameron Douglas’s Jail Sentence? Send the Poor Boy to Bushwick Luxury Condo Halfway House.


Cameron Douglas got sentenced yesterday to five years in jail for peddling meth to people beneath his station, but he won’t languish nearly that long with the requisite time off for good behavior and drug rehab.

What do you expect for a kid who was born with a silver coke spoon in his mouth?

And speaking of drug rehab, here’s a chance to even further cut his time in jail. Send him immediately to the luxury condo complex in Bushwick that we now learn has been turned into a halfway house run by a convicted robber.

Though not exactly halfway between jail and his dad Michael Douglas’s many luxury homes around the globe (see jump for photos), the Bushwick place would give him adequate time to adjust to life after jail.

Young Cameron vows to become a “good role model.” Yes, kids, follow his example and become the son of Michael Douglas and grandson of Kirk Douglas and not work a second in your life, except for expending the energy it takes to put those large piles of meth into those little glassine envelopes.

After jail (or maybe a bed in a luxury condo in Bushwick), he will receive visitors at a couple of his dad’s houses (Wales above, Mallorca below):