Vox Pop Management Told They Must Pay $66,000 to Re-Open


Yesterday, word got ’round that Vox Pop had gotten seized — again — by the tax man. Now there’s a bit more information about the closure of the Ditmas Park coffee house, courtesy of manager Debi Ryan.

Ryan sent a letter to Brownstoner explaining the source of the trouble, and it turns out — unsurprisingly — that she’s still struggling to pay off the back taxes accrued by Sander Hicks, the coffee house’s founder. Although she’d been renegotiating a payment plan with someone at the State tax agency, that person has left, and now Ryan is hoping his replacement will be able to work something out with her.

In the meantime, the State has told Ryan that she has to cough up $66,000 to re-open her doors.

On the plus side, Ryan writes that she’s “almost completely paid off the legacy debt to vendors, former employees and the landlord over the past year and we are optimistic that the warming weather will increse [sic] our revenue and allow us to accelerate our payments even further.”

When and if Vox Pop does re-open, Ryan promises there will be new outdoor patio seating with table service. And hopefully no tax men lurking in the shrubbery.