Boy George’s Immortal Sake Commercial With Leslie Jordan


Pixieish Leslie Jordan (who was Beverly Leslie on Will & Grace) has a one-man off-Broadway show in which he talks about the horror of doing a sake commercial with Boy George in the Mojave desert.

Jordan says he was outfitted with all kinds of suffocating prosthetics, lenses, and wigs in order to play a monkey who accompanies the pop singer (riding on a white horse) through the desert.

Jordan grew tired of waiting for George to emerge out of his air conditoned trailer, from which all kinds of interesting snorting sounds were coming.

The singer finally came out and ended up getting into a snit fight with the director because he didn’t want to get on the horse.

The director advised the ’80s star to be a good fairy.

“I AM a good fairy,” countered George. “Poof. You’re a pile of shit!”

Jordan, meanwhile, was going nuts from the sand blowing at him and landing under his lenses and prosthetics.

He told George he could only do one more take, so the singer instructed him of the Japanese phrase to shout at the crew to inform them of that.

Jordan obediently did so, and it turned out he had shouted “How big is your dick?”

Not sure how big Boy George’s is, but the balls are definitely large.