Dept. of Archaeology: O.K. Corral Gunfight Papers Discovered


History buffs, look out!

NPR reports that 36 pages of handwritten, yellowed documents — held together with rudimentary Scotch tape — recording the legendary 1881 shootout between the Earp brothers and a band of cattle rustlers in Tombstone, Arizona, have been found.

Apparently they’d been stashed away in the Cochise County courthouse, where nobody knew about them until clerks Bonnie Cook and Michelle Garcia went digging around and found the dirty old envelope in a storage closet.

This is awesome, not only because the documents have been discovered, but because, can you imagine having the wherewithal to actually write about the gunfight going on around you? I mean, who does that nowadays? Tweet about it, maybe. Ah, times were so much better when men wore hats.

“Mr. Holliday was standing next to the buildings,” the witness is quoted as saying. “On the inside he had a gun under his coat. He had a long coat. The way I noticed the gun is that his coat would blow open, and he tried to keep it covered.”

Of course, the librarians are all in a (cautious) tizzy.

“I would bet you your next lunch, if you were to handle them and touch them, with your white gloves on, that you would feel the magic of history,” said State librarian GladysAnn Wells.

The papers will be scanned and available on the Internet within a week.