Last Call for Bar Cars on Metro-North; Bill Gates Launches a Food Fund


The bar car on the Metro-North may be going the way of the in-flight meal. A new fleet of cars will soon replace the 1970s-era models, but budget constraints may force the railroad to forgo a fresh set of bar cars.
[NY Times]

Kobe beef lovers, beware: Japan has suspended beef exports for three months following the detection of foot-and-mouth disease symptoms in three of 16 cows.
[NY Times]

On this Earth Day, a look at restaurant greening: Darden is incorporating LEED standards into new restaurants; Quiznos is using eco-packaging; Chipotle will install solar panels.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, along with the U.S., Canada, Spain, and South Korea, will launch a new agri-fund to help the world’s poorest farmers grow more food.
[Wall Street Journal]

A new study suggests that tuna sushi from your local supermarket might have lower mercury levels and be safer to eat than sushi from a high-end restaurant.

After 15 years on the Food Network, Tyler Florence is the latest TV chef to go back to the kitchen. He plans to open three restaurants in the Bay Area this year.
[SF Chronicle]

Four months after it closed, there is still no sign of life at Tavern on the Green. As-yet-unapproved new license-holder Dean Poll has not said when he plans to reopen.
[NY Post]