Morning Links: Obama in the House


• Obama’s in town today, speaking at Cooper Union at 11:55 a.m., where he will totally take Wall Street to task in front of an audience of 700 that includes Wall Street execs, consumer advocates, New York officials, and some very lucky Cooper Union students. While the New York Times poetically calls the Cooper Union area “the shadow of Wall Street,” we’d like to point out that if anyone’s casting shadows, it’s Wall Street themselves.

Either way, getting around downtown will probably be a little more difficult. So… plan ahead!

• It’s also Earth Day, the big 4-0. Do something Earthy.

In other news:

• People who have dealt with travel inconveniences due to volcanic ash in Europe are now calling them “epic adventures.” So that was actually fun all along, huh? Semantics!

• Doormen continue to be worthy of reporting on. The New York Times explores their intriguing world, and finds a doorwoman.

• Michael Ihedioha, a Staten Island preacher, has to stop proselytizing to people aboard the Staten Island Ferry. “Seeking to ban him from preaching on the boats could constitute a violation of his First Amendment rights, but we are asking that the defendant use the ferry terminal only for traveling and not engage in behavior seen as harassing other patrons,” said William J. Smith, spokesman for District Attorney Daniel Donovan.

• New York City’s budget is actually surprisingly good.

• The Boss (Mr. Springsteen to you) will be heading to Ellis Island today to pick up an award from The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation.