Staten Island Man Being Shamed — Shamed! — for Stealing Cheap Shit


A Staten Island resident would like to relay a message to the thief who plucked the outdoor lights from her Great Kills Lawn: If you’re going to steal something, at least make it something good, a-hole!

“DUDE, they are $2.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond,” wrote Ilyssa DeCasperis, who lives at the Tanglewood Drive home where the heist took place, in her introduction to the video.

“Ring the bell, I’ll give you a 20% coupon and you can buy your own for only $2.39! DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN?? He owes me $5.00 and an apology for being a jackass!”

Herewith, dramatic video of the $5 (with coupon) caper, initially reported by the Advance.

Since DeCasperis caught the ball-cap-wearing, flannel-clad guy on video and suspects he’s a neighbor (because why else would he be driving around Great Kills in the middle of the night?), expect an arrest and subsequent punishment to be forthcoming. We can only imagine what the cops will do with this psycho.