Vegetarian Delights of NYC: Taksim’s Lentil Soup


Lentil soup is something of an unsung hero on Turkish and Middle Eastern menus: no matter how it’s prepared, it’s just always there, content to lurk in the shadows of flashier skewered meats and technicolor meze. While its homely charms make it easy to take for granted, a bowl of good lentil soup is something to appreciate, particularly when it’s not made with chicken stock.

That’s why the lentil soup at Taksim deserves some mention: Served as a smooth purée, its rich orange hue pebbled with minute red flecks of tomato, it boasts a rich, husky flavor. Two waitresses swore up and down that the soup does not contain chicken stock — instead, it’s built on a tomato base and adulterated with carrots, onions, and butter. So while it’s not a boon for the vegans, vegetarians who find themselves wandering around the eastern fringes of Midtown would do well to stop by for a bowl. Priced at $5.95, it comes with thick bread and is served by the pint, which makes for an exceptionally filling — and delightful — meal.

1030 Second Avenue