When Gays Make Other Gays Uncomfortable


Let’s talk some more about Leslie Jordan‘s fun one-man show, My Trip Down The Pink Carpet, at the Midtown Theater.

The pint-sized pixie talks about growing up as an effeminate southern child and yet wanting to vomit every time effeminate, southern Truman Capote popped up on the TV screen and lisped his way through an appearance.

Jordan was fascinated, mind you, but revolted at the same time and usually had to run to the bathroom to upchuck till he was cleansed.

He’s very honest about the self-loathing and uncomfortableness that hits many of us whenever we are confronted with a stereotype or an exaggeration that hits a little close to home.

Lord knows I’ve been known to point fingers and say “Look at that queen!” before chancing across a mirror and realizing, “Hello, pot!”

Anyone ever experience a similar weirdness?