Finding Mr. Right in Two Easy Steps


Hey, single ladies!

According to the latest in top-notch U.K.-based research, your average woman dates more than 24 men and spends £2,000 or more (that’s $3,077.43-plus) before getting so tired and debt-ridden that she falls into bed with whatever borderline passable dude is in the bar (or at the Navy dance) that night, ends up preggers, and forces him to marry her, after which she spends the rest of her life wondering what exactly happened there.

But this is indeed very helpful information, and I’d like to thank, which polled 2,173 of its members, for their diligence in collecting and tabulating it. The numbers have spoken. Date more than 24 men, spend $3,000, and Mr. Right will be yours!

If you’ve dated more than 25 men already, well, prepare to die alone and be eaten by cats. Especially if you’re over 30, in which case, good God, why have you not just settled already?

(Note to self: Get some cats. Hungry ones.).

If you’ve already spent well over $3,000 on hair, outfits, travel, and drinks in your dating life and you’re still going, congratulations: You’re a New Yorker.