Green Day’s American Idiot Musical: Now With 100% More Green Day!


What do you do when your just-opened and already somewhat ailing rock opera musical cum swearfest gets out of the gate real slow, and is, by night two, already the subject of some imaginative critical grave dancing? (Our own Rob Harvilla, say: “the result, though vivid and lurid and imaginatively depraved, is also somewhat inarticulate, spraying its boilerplate discontent at no one in particular, with a lotta standard-issue bitching about The Media and The Man.” Read on for the funny parts.) Invite the three dudes who actually make up the real life Green Day to play your encore, of course.

The band made a surprise appearance at the Broadway show last night, reports the New York Times, playing a self-censored version of “American Idiot” and “Basket Case,” a song that still has a peculiar hold on anyone who grew up in the ’90s. “The crowd squealed anew and shouted the lyrics when the bassist Mike Dirnt pointed a microphone their way,” the Times reports. “Cast members knew them too, cementing some punk-rock credentials. Afterward, a few of them lifted the grinning Mr. Armstrong off his feet.” Judging from the lonely reception their musical has received so far, they’re probably still holding on to him today. [NYT]