How Gay Is Sondheim on Sondheim?


I’ll review the new Broadway homage Sondheim on Sondheim in the next column–it’s pretty fine stuff–but it’s interesting to note that Sondheim himself admits in videotaped sound bites that he didn’t have a relationship until he was 60!

And this is the man who’s aways brilliantly written in intricate detail about the beauty and pain of relationships!

Stevie also says that he was confused about his sexuality at one point but was thrilled to eventually meet “someone.”

No gender is mentioned. Talk about confusing.

Still, there are gay things in the show, like a duet from Road Show and another number in which Vanessa Williams and…well, wait for the column.

By the way, my old cohort from the Metro channel, Norm Lewis, scores with a flawlessly felt “Being Alive.”

I still remember how we used to play around with a Dreamgirls duet for laughs!