Poutine Pizza, Peanut Butter and Bacon Burgers & a KFC Double Down Krispy Kreme Mashup




This week in food blogs:

Slice discovered the abomination that is poutine pizza.

A Hamburger Today weighed in on Shake Shack’s peanut-butter-and-bacon burger.

Eater compiled a series of images of anonymous food critics from across the country… although no one is quite sure why.

Diner’s Journal recommended you check out a couple rockstar baristas who will be pulling shots at Bluebird this Saturday.

Grub Street heard that a speakeasy planned for Avenue B will have a Mardi Gras-themed “speakloudly” upstairs. Sounds awful.

Blondie and Brownie celebrated 25-cent Dairy Queen Blizzard week.

The Atlantic Food Channel looked into the somewhat sacrilegious Traif, a new porky restaurant on the edge of Hasidic Williamsburg.

Eat Me Daily offered its guide to food from the 1950s, from Tony the Tiger through the birth of Burger King.

Midtown Lunch noticed that Maine lobster gazpacho is back at the Oyster Bar.

Feast noted that retro foods may be poised for a comeback. Vertically-stacked Asian-fusion, anyone?

Salon Food uncovered even more wedding cake train wrecks.

Serious Eats unearthed the Luther KFC Double Down, essentially a Double Down with Krispy Kreme buns.