SpongeBob: Fashion Icon, Life-Saver, Man About Town


Kids, tell your parents that cartoons do save lives, and they should stop pressuring you to use the Wii Fit and just let you sit and watch your G.D. shows, okay?

We are so happy when what might have been a tragic tale ends with hugs all around and a life-affirming lesson.

According to the New York Post,

Seventh-graders Allyson Golden and Miriam Starobin had just finished practicing songs in a music class Tuesday at Long Beach Middle School when teacher Sanford Mauskopf said something funny.

The two friends laughed so hard they toppled off their chairs.

(Ah, to be young again.)

Unfortunately, Ally was chewing gum — totes against the rules! — which lodged in her throat. But quick-thinking Miriam flashed back to a fondly recalled episode in which SpongeBob saves Squidward from choking on a clarinet by employing the Heimlich maneuver. She used SpongeBob’s technique to send the wayward piece of gum flying from Ally’s mouth.

Everybody hugged.

No report on where the gum landed, but we’re glad all is well and that SpongeBob is finally having his day in the sun, at least among the band set. And we will never chew gum in music class again.

SpongeBob was not available for comment, but Mr. Krabs and the rest of Bikini Bottom would just like to point out that he was also the driving force behind saving them from Plankton’s evil scheme.