The Voice of Geico, D.C. Douglas, Calls Tea Partiers Mentally Retarded, Gets Canned, Makes YouTube Video


You may have heard that the Geico voiceover guy’s melodious baritone will be heard no more… at least not alongside that adorable Aussie gecko. D.C. Douglas, the now ex-employee of the national car insurer, was fired Wednesday after he left a less-than-PC voicemail for Tea Party organizers FreedomWorks. His queries: How do you plan to “spin it when one of your members actually kills somebody?” And, what percentage of your followers is “mentally retarded?”

Now, he’s speaking out on behalf of his former employer (Douglas isn’t angry at them) and about FreedomWorks’ CEO Matt Kibbe (yeah, slightly more angry). But we’d like to speak out about the GIANT GEICO AD on Kibbe’s most recent blog post for

What’s that? No biggie, you say? People must leave nasty voicemails for FreedomWorks all the time. This message-leaver just happened to do voiceovers for an insurance company.

Not exactly. Conveniently for Kibbe, Geico had also previously earned a spot on the Tea Partiers’ boycott list after they pulled their advertising from Glenn Beck. Douglas’s questionable voicemail judgment became FreedomWorks’ golden ticket. Not only did Kibbe get to call him out on saying “retarded” and get him publicly fired, but he managed to lose Geico (obviously evil as it stands for Government Employees Insurance Company) a significant number of customers in the process. Not to mention the media shitstorm that’s, for once, leaning in the Tea Partiers’ favor.

Which brings us to Kibbe’s most brilliant oversight: Directly to the right of his “inflammatory blog post” on the conservative news site, in which he publishes Douglas’s actual phone number, calls the voiceover guy’s message “creepy,” and encourages supporters to drop Geico (“Let them know that you, in fact, are not a mentally retarded killer, but that you are now in the market for car insurance”), there is a rather large likeness of one sassy green gecko. “Geico offers great savings and service. Get quote now >>,” is the text accompanying the lizard’s deep glassy gaze. He also happens to be fatefully positioned to the immediate right of one of those lovely Hitler/Obama fusion posters the Tea Baggers seem to enjoy so much. This one even includes the very same gecko looking rather enlightened by the comparison. Talk about ad placement #fail.

Wow, that story was insightful, but I want more! Lucky you. Here’s a lovely video, voiced by Mr. Douglas, of course, about the ordeal, aptly named, The Tea Bagger Boogie.

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