Why All Those Records (Gaslight Anthem, Crystal Castles, Hole, Etc.) Leaked On Monday


Because PlayMPE–“one of a handful of technologies that record labels use to distribute advance, watermarked albums, to blogs, magazines, and a variety of other publications,” reports–was hacked last week. PlayMPE is the preferred industry vehicle these days as far getting records to critics ahead of the official release date. But all it took was one clever teenager to get himself on the company’s distribution list, and the rest was RapidShare history. The kid was caught after bragging about his exploits online, which just goes to show that internet fluency is not even remotely equivalent to internet IQ.

Says a shamefaced PlayMPE: “As of this morning, we already have his first and last name, country and city of residence, photo, and an array of other identifying info. We also have his IP address and it appears to be a legimate IP which should lead to his home address if other methods of reaching him don’t get there first.” So uh, yeah: prepare to get assassinated, kid! [Absolute Punk]