Adventures in Grizzly Bear-Related Licensing


If given the choice between debuting a new song on a music blog, Twitter, your own website, etc., why not choose the Washington Lottery? Starting today, an ad will start running in that state, featuring a new, unreleased track by Brooklyn’s Grizzly Bear. Cole & Weber United, the ad agency that made this clip, are clearly fans: it’s directed by Patrick Daughters, who also made the band’s “Two Weeks” video (another song that was prominently licensed), and showcases a kind of whimsical choreography that seems more at home in the indie world than in the blaring, mouth-covered traditions of lottery advertising. May the band see a wonderful check off this ad, which you can watch at EW. Now can anyone tell us if we actually heard what we thought we heard on television yesterday, which was Free Energy being used in separate Target and a Best Buy commercials?