B&H Dairy Goes Green with a New Sign


It was but a week ago that the East Village (or at least a certain, antiquities-loving segment of it) went into a state of preemptive mourning over the apparent loss of B&H Dairy’s distinctive sign. While it didn’t spark quite the same level of panic as the temporary removal of the Russ & Daughters sign a few years back, the sight of the lunch counter’s naked facade was a bit unnerving.

Fortunately, the sign has returned. Sort of. It’s got a new green background and “Dairy Lunch” is now red instead of Pepto pink, but the same distinctive font, with its wonky ampersand, remains. It’s a bit Christmassy for a kosher dairy restaurant, perhaps, but given the positively treyf predicament of so many other distinctive old signs, it could be a lot worse.