From the Annals of Gross Food: IHOP’s Pancake Stackers Layer Pancakes With Cheesecake


Ah, these schizophrenic times: even as the First Lady launches a campaign to combat childhood obesity, the government considers telling food companies to go easy on the salt, and a group releases a report stating that Americans are getting too fat to serve in the military, chain restaurants keep finding new and ingenious ways for us to kill ourselves. The latest offender? That would be IHOP.

The Glendale, Ca.-based chain just issued a release announcing the creation of Pancake Stackers. The “stackers” part comes courtesy of the slab of cheesecake that’s sandwiched between two pancakes. And then smothered with fruit compote and “creamy whipped topping,” the primary ingredient of which is cellulite. The release refers to this particular invention as a “craveable offering,” which sounds like just another way of saying it will make your brain chemistry resemble that of a long-term cocaine addict.

There are two eight IHOPs within the five boroughs. Somewhat daringly, none of them appear to be in the immediate vicinity of a hospital.

[Via the Food Section]