Llamas as Security Guards, Zoloft


Sometimes you just need a good wholesome llama story. Especially on a rainy, desperate Monday, when women are causing earthquakes with their boobs (see what happens when you laugh in the face of gods, ladies) and vandals are applying refried beans in the shape of swastikas to the Arizona Capitol building, and Mayor Bloomberg admits to putting salt on pizza the same day he announces 16 food companies are cutting salt in products including ketchup and bacon…

It can take its toll on a person.

Thank goodness for Willy and Jack, two llamas who’ve been recruited to act as security guards to nesting birds at a British wildlife preserve. Llamas are super-territorial, along with having a tendency to spit and engage in bouts of neck-wrestling (just like us!). Even better, they’re kind of like the Tourette’s patients of the animal kingdom.

It is hoped their slightly erratic behaviour, along with the groaning noises and the ”mwa” sound they make when afraid or angry, will be a deterrent to predators such as foxes.

Beyond that, they are as soothing as a new pack of prescription drugs.

We’re just happy we can put a picture of a llama wearing a scarf in this post, because it is a bit chilly out there, and it also makes us feel better in some small way about any involvement we may have unintentionally had in that Taiwanese earthquake. Never again will we wear a crop top.