Prof. Stephen Hawking, on Aliens: Earth Should Watch Its Ass


Well, looks like someone‘s been watching a little too much V.

Yes, that Stephen Hawking, famous British theoretical physicist and author of A Brief History of Time thinks Earth’s citizens should probably keep a low profile and — in the famous words of Staten Island’s Wu-Tang Clan,
“protect yo’ mothafuckin’ neck” when it comes to matters regarding extraterrestrial visitors. Via Emma Woollacott at the TG Daily, in a new documentary to air on the Discovery Channel, Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking, the iconic, wheelchair-bound Hawking advises against making contact with alien nations:

Hawking compares making contact with alien species with Native Americans’ first contact with Christopher Columbus – which didn’t turn out brilliantly for the Native Americans. “I imagine they might exist in massive ships… having used up all the resources from the planet below,” Professor Hawking says. “Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they could reach. If so, it makes sense for them to exploit each new planet for materials to build more spaceships so they could move on.”

Paranoid much? Maybe not, because almost everything about aliens coming to earth every turns out to be shitty. And for the record, New York City has never — ever — fared well in these situations, as far as pop culture’s concerned.

The question of whether or not New Yorkers might still find concern for Wal-Mart coming into the five boroughs in the midst of an alien invasion has yet to be seen. Though it probably shouldn’t be put past them/us.