Today in Awesome New York Signage: Williamsburg Chasids’ Rec Center Bathrooms


New Yorkers of all stripes have their own mannerisms, their own language with its own shorthand, and naturally, distinct signage you could likely only find in our city, much of which is distinct to us, or the certain cultural sub-sects of our city. The following kind of thing — received over the Runnin’ Scared tipline — basically covers all of the above, in the most wonderful way possible.

Observe: a friend of Runnin’ Scared recently found themselves at a recreation center in Williamsburg for Satmars — Hungarian and Romanian Hasidic Jews — and noticed some interesting signage that had been installed at the bathrooms:

Self-aware, cheeky, and accurate, no? Whatever your feelings about them, you can’t deny that New York’s Chasidic population is significant, and if you’re not one of them, they at the very least (much like you to someone else, probably) never fail to lend a pretty palatable air of visual diversity to whatever proceeding of your daily routine you run into them at. Here’s to both groups appreciating that.

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