Chocolate Lovers More Likely to Be Depressed


In a serious blow to fans of Cathy, it turns out that the more chocolate you eat, the more likely it is that you’re depressed.

Study subjects were screened for both depression and diet, and those who were found to have possible major depression ate at the most chocolate (12 servings a month).

But as Gawker points out, causality has not been established–do you eat chocolate because you’re already sad, or are you sad because you eat chocolate? Alternatively, it could be that chocolate somehow blocks the absorption of omega-threes, which are thought to be beneficial to mental health.

On the other hand, dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and there’s evidence that it lowers your blood pressure. So, just like wine, caffeine, fat, and everything else that’s good in the world, you now have a scientific justification to either eat it or skip it.