Copenhagen’s Noma Named Best Restaurant in the World; Amtrak Tests Beef-Powered Train


Noma in Copenhagen finally topped El Bulli as the best restaurant in the world at the S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants reception, held last night in London. Daniel jumped 33 spots to no. 8, Per Se dropped four spots to no. 10, and Le Bernardin stayed at a comfortable no. 15. [Bloomberg]

The ban of Japanese beef exports is hitting home, as upscale steakhouses are running out of wagyu and local meat purveyors are stockpiling their reserves. [Wall Street Journal]

Amtrak is testing a new biodiesel train that runs on beef byproducts. The fuel, 80 percent diesel and 20 percent biofuel, cuts emissions by 10 percent. [Guardian]

Huitlacoche, the fungus-infected Mexican corn delicacy referred to as corn smut, has been found to be packed with unique proteins, minerals, and other nutritional benefits. [ABC News]

A new study has found that people who eat more chocolate are more likely to be depressed, but it’s not clear if participants in the study were just gorging to feel better. [Wall Street Journal]

Unilever is looking for a buyer for its Italian frozen foods business Findus, now that frozen foods is no longer a core product area for the mega-corp. [Wall Street Journal]

Starbucks, Heinz, Au Bon Pain, FreshDirect, Kraft and Subway are among 16 Big Food companies that have pledged to cut salt levels in their products. [Reuters]

How did American cheese become a fast-food breakfast staple? It’s on the iconic Egg McMuffin, as well as on Burger King’s, Dunkin’ Donuts’, and Subway’s versions. [Washington Post]

Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse owner William Degel has signed on with truTV for a reality show about running his three steakhouses that could be called “Jacked Up” or “Willionaire.” [Crains]