Dept of Humiliating Corrections: Washington Post Forced to Acknowledge That Giovanni Ribisi Does Not In Fact Play Bass in the Roots


Ladies and Gentleman, from the same people who brought you the infamous “September 11th was a joke” Public Enemy correction, it’s…a new member of the Roots! Specifically, famous actor Giovanni Ribisi on bass! Or not at all! Let’s parse.

Here is a photo of Owen Biddle, a fulltime member of the Roots for the past three years, and an affiliate and pal for over a decade. He has appeared with the group on national television five nights a week since more than year ago, when the Roots became the house band for the newly launched Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

And here is a photo of Giovanni Ribisi:

The fact that these two men are obviously not the same person (though, we have to admit, they do look an awful lot alike) did not keep the Washington Post from getting carried away with the concept of a DC Earth Day rally so star-studded, Ribisi joined the Roots. As per the paper’s original caption:

As Biddle points out, they didn’t even bother with Jesse Jackson, who is hanging out in the back there. Anyway, someone must have brought this error to the Post‘s attention, because this is how the photo is captioned now:

Much better! We eagerly await the paper’s newest contribution to the Humiliating, Rap-Related Correction Hall of Fame, where the Post already has more plaques than the Yankees do in Cooperstown.