IFC’s Dinner With the Band Premieres Its Second Season Tonight, Which Gives Us an Excuse To Post Related Photos


The second season of the Williamsburg-produced Dinner With the Band, a show that’s title conveniently functions as elevator pitch, airs tonight at 10:30 pm on IFC. Hosted by Tailor chef Sam Mason–whose tattooed right-sleeve and messily sculpted faux-hawk get as much attention as his stint as WD-50’s pastry magician–Dinner With the Band pairs a NYC restaurant-world blog-celeb whose creations wincingly get compared to “rock-and-roll on a plate” with blog-celeb musicians. As conceived by Finger on the Pulse twins Darin and Greg Bresnitz, Mason and his guests stand around a spotless, sparkling kitchen, banter casually about road-food stories, and prepare personalized dishes (Les Savy Pheasant, Sharon Steaks and the Dap Rings with Red Eye Gravy). Through the magic of post-production, the performers play songs as the meal cooks–and wha la, you have a web-to-television show.

The first season saw Les Savy Fav, YACHT, Kid Sister, MEN, Owen Pallett, and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Season Two promises Andrew WK, the Mountain Goats, Murder City Devils, and tonight Rufus Wainwright. All of which gives us an excuse to post Nate “Igor” Smith’s photos from the Dinner With the Band/Food Party event that took place earlier this month at Santos’ Party House. Full photo set here, select photos below.