Libby Post Passes; Bad Manners Live On


Oh, sad. Elizabeth Post, Emily Posts’ granddaughter-in-law, has died. The elderly etiquette maven was 89.

Poor Libby, who revised and modernized Emily Post’s classic Etiquette six times, had been “appalled by the state of manners in recent years,” according to her daughter-in-law Peggy Post — especially, we imagine, by website commenters and the audacity of certain bloggers, not to mention all those hoochies slutting around and revealing their bra colors on Facebook.

“She didn’t say, tsk tsk, at all,” said Peggy Post. “She recognized that there’s always going to be rude situations. Most people don’t want to be rude. Most people do care about being kind and considerate. But because we’re such a rushed world, people get frustrated and there are a lot of sticky situations.”

Great-great-grandchild Anna Post seems to be helming the etiquette front pretty well, addressing questions of manners and grace in this sticky era of Evite, Facebook, BlackBerries on dates, and wearing white at weddings when everyone knows you so did the nasty already.

Speaking of civility, I’d like to draw everyone’s attention to this very important office guideline that bears repeating:

Fridge rules: If you put it in, you can take it out.

That’s what she said.