Morning Links: Hef Saves the Day, Goldman Faces Senate, Everyone Hates PowerPoint


• Today is Ulysses S. Grant’s 188th birthday. If you’re so inclined, head up to Grant’s Tomb for a 21-gun salute and ceremony.

Hugh Hefner gave $900,000 to save L.A.’s iconic Hollywood sign. Thank goodness, because how would anyone know where they were otherwise? “The Hollywood sign represents the dreams of millions. It’s a symbol. It is as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. It represents the movies,” said Hef.

Goldman Sachs comes before the Senate today for a hearing in which bank execs will attempt to defend their actions during the housing crisis. Goldman chair and chief executive LLoyd Blankfein said yesterday that the SEC charges had “shaken the bank’s employees” and was one of the worst days of his professional life. Aw.

The U.S. Army is waging a war against PowerPoint. They hate it, just like everyone else. What they especially hate? Bullet points! Also, having to watch somebody else’s stupid PowerPoint presentation.

• Saverio Todaro, a safety inspector who did asbestos checks in buildings and constructions sites around New York City, admitted in federal court that he hadn’t actually done a single test, despite giving clean reports. The Manhattan United States attorney’s office has created a website to help alert victims — and they are pissed.

• The Center for Disease Control wants to take us down a few notches: They reported Monday that nearly half of us have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes, and are therefore likely to develop heart disease. Meanwhile, breaking: Bad habits can age you.

• A (presumably quite healthy) South Korean woman is the first to climb the world’s 14 highest mountains. Cheers to that, girlfriend!