Tonight! Gogol Bordello, Zach Hill, Class Actress, MNDR, And Keepaway



“Mixed with alcohol, it seems to be a remedy for just about anything,” says Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hutz on the topic of music. This is especially true with his own stuff: GB mash traditional gypsy paraphernalia (accordion, violin, Borat accent) with inebriated, smash-bottle-on-head punk fervor. They perform at Brooklyn Bowl tonight. Over at Death by Audio, everyone’s favorite “fringe-jazz robo-octopus” Zach Hill, is ready to curb-stomp another drum set; presumably, he has fully recovered after fracturing his left hand during band practice with Wavves. Yes, he hits the drums that hard. If that sounds too brutal, then indulge in a synth ‘n’ beat show with Class Actress and MNDR at the Studio at Webster Hall. Keepaway is playing, too, though they’re the exception: a self-aware “pop brand from Brooklyn” with click-ety drum patterns and airy group vocals.